How to Think Like a (Functional) Programmer

by Allen Downey and Nicholas Monje

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How to Think Like a Computer Scientist is an introductory programming textbook based on the OCaml language. It is a modified version of Think Python by Allen Downey. It is intended for newcomers to programming and also those who know some programming but want to learn programming in the function-oriented paradigm, or those who simply want to learn OCaml.

OCaml is a powerful high-level programming language with a large emphasis on speed and efficiency. You can find out more about the language by visiting

This text leverages the power of the language to teach the reader important concepts in computer science and software design, with an emphasis in experimentation and self-directed learning.

This book is very much a work in progress. If you have any feedback, please feel free to e-mail Nicholas Monje.

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The cover for this book is based on a photo by Anumpama Kinagi.

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